Addicted to Wedding Cake


How the English and Welsh divorce system works

The paperback and e-book by Keith Churchouse


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Tim Page - Director of PageRussell

A right-old romp through the rigours of ruined romance!

After reading this I put the book down, gave my wife a hug and told her I loved her.  So it has already done at least some good in the world.

I have not come across such a good balance between legal, financial and emotional advice in a book on divorce before.  Only you could have written this book.

Emma Hackforth - Headhunter and Recruitment Coach

Well have just finished the book Keith and I found it a valuable insight into the world of marriage breakdown. This has challenged me more than anything in my entire world and your book resonated with me on many occasions. I wish every solicitor would hand a copy of your book to every client that engages with them as they will be for warned and to be honest that in itself will help the legal sector.


Jackie Walker - Jackie Walker

Addicted to Wedding Cake is to be added to the Ugli Mediation Recommended Reading list. Keith takes what can be a complex matter and explains it step by step, taking care to interweave the threads appropriately.

His writing style is easy, informative and light. With just the right amount of humour which never debases, nor makes fun, he creates an atmosphere of understanding.

I’m delighted to have been asked to review the book, thank you.

Tom Evans -

Addicted to Wedding Cake is a user manual of how to get divorced in the most painless way possible. Keith’s been there, got the T-Shirt and is now sick of wedding cake.

Keith is a real testament to how, if you set your mind to it, a book can be written and published in much less than a year. This is his second in the Churchouse Chronicles series this year already and we’re only in July. I suspect there’s a few more on the way now.


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