Addicted to Wedding Cake


How the English and Welsh divorce system works

The paperback and e-book by Keith Churchouse


Foreword by Kim Finnis

Separation and divorce involve major life changes which have a far reaching effect on future well-being and financial security for all involved.  Whilst each separation or divorce is unique; it is certainly a time of considerable emotional turmoil.    After death of a partner, divorce or separation is said to be the most stressful life event one can experience.

In “Addicted to Wedding Cake”, Keith addresses the process of divorce and its issues along the way.   Having been through the process of divorce twice and having remarried again, Keith draws on his own experience with a view to providing practical tips and guidance.  There is a particularly helpful section on pensions; an area where Keith has considerable professional expertise.

Keith is ready to point out that using a specialist family lawyer is well worthwhile and this is commendable.  Keith also deals with the alternatives to court that are available.  For those looking to resolve matters constructively but who are not able to do this around the kitchen table, the options of the Collaborative approach, or mediation will be of interest.

Divorce and separation is a bewildering time.   This is an easy to read book in an understandable format and an excellent lay person’s guide for anyone approaching the subject.   Well done Keith.

Kim Finnis
Solicitor, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator
Kim Finnis Solicitor,
Guildford, Surrey





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