Addicted to wedding cake


How the English and Welsh divorce system works

The paperback and e-book by Keith Churchouse


Foreword by Karin Walker

Divorce is a process which one in three adults will experience – at least once.  The circumstances surrounding a divorce or separation and the process itself can be one of the most traumatic endurances faced during adult life.  Notwithstanding the prevalence of divorce neutral, “matter of fact”, support is surprisingly not very readily available.

“Addicted to Wedding Cake” represents a lay person’s practical guide to the pitfalls of this common place but traumatic process, written by someone who has experienced this process (more than once).  Whilst no substitute for legal advice the book provides a step by step companion, in easily readable form, striking exactly the right balance between a light hearted approach and a concise road map through this serious topic.

As Keith details, each client will react differently to the divorce process and I am an advocate of discussing the options available at the outset to see which option, including the collaborative process, would best suit them.

Keith Churchouse is to be commended for clearly analysing his own experiences in a way which enables the reader to translate this into what is going on in their own life.  And in Keith’s own words “if, after reading about the process, the possible tribulations and cost in terms of time and money you decide to work harder at your marriage union, I will at least be able to say that I saved one marriage”.  Alternatively the “addiction to wedding cake” may continue……

Karin Walker
Family Lawyer, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator
Solicitor, KGW Family Law
Woking, Surrey





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