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How the English and Welsh divorce system works

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About the Book,

Welcome to the hallowed and hollow institution that is divorce. In my experience, nothing can really prepare you for divorce, even if you are the one that initiates the process, usually noted by the physical action of leaving. Hopefully you are only going to go through this system once, if at all. As Esther (my wife) comments in the introduction, this book aims to help you with the bumps you should expect on the way down. Therefore, some people might see this book as an ‘emotional parachute’ on the way to their final destination.

The path mapped here will be relevant whether you are the one doing the jumping or the pushing, I shall refer to you as the ‘jumpers’ during the course of this text, rather than the term that your ex or soon to be ex-spouse uses for you. I’m sure you know which expletive that may be if they are of that nature.

If you have been divorced in the past (and one in five divorcing have been (source: Office of National Statistics/  2008)) or are only now thinking about starting the process for the first time, you will know exactly which day and can probably pinpoint the very moment when the thought ‘I am not doing this anymore’ first appeared as a ‘bubble’ in your scrambled mind. This is the point where you have forgiven them this, forgiven them that and then a final ‘forget it’ pops into your head after too many past transgressions become unforgivable.

Others need to know...The Journey of your relatives and friends

You are never truly alone on your journey through a divorce, unless you want to be. Being reticent at these times may not be the best approach, although this is the choice of some. 

You are likely to have a few supporters during your trials and tribulations, such as your close family. This might be your parents, grandparents or even your own children who are offering help, but may also not understand either the process or where the person going through the divorce is in their own journey.

As I have said many times, it is the managing of expectations that is important, rather than the point that you find yourself during the process. Bearing in mind that the overall process is likely to take some months, this new book, Addicted to Wedding Cake, The Journey of Divorce, has been complied to be both reader friendly and a great ‘roadmap’ of the overall process. This should allow both you and your loved ones, such as parents, close friends and grandparents understand and help provide support. The process was never likely to be easy, but with the new book, Addicted to Wedding Cake, The Journey of Divorce, you should be able to see the path ahead, from start to end.

Sadly, as we approach the annual ‘divorce season’ of  the New Year and the post Christmas Blues, don’t forget that some relatives may appreciate a copy of this book to help them understand what you are going through, especially if you understand the process.

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